Saturday, October 19, 2013

The government is killing the underground to keep us stupid and control us.

I honestly believe that the revolution we started, with underground raves as our meeting place, has died.  We lost the battle, and I don't think anyone cares, or even noticed.  We had so much potential and had gotten so far.  I have no other way to say this, but our movement is over.  I hope it is temporary, but we'll just have to wait and see.  The ruling powers know how to keep us just happy enough to stay complacent and enslaved.  We have nothing to fight for, and parties are a dime a dozen.  I alway thought, and hoped, that music would be the great unifier, but it has become the great hypnotizer.  I can only hope that something snaps us awake and we begin to realize that we can have so much more.

These days when I go out, all I hear in the music is simple minded, and socially detrimental lyrics about ego, sex, money and other various forms of ignorance.  The mainstream has invaded our world, and I believe it was a master plan from the start to control us.  EDM is now a tainted catch phrase more closely related to douche bag frat boys and drunkards than intellectuals and peace makers.  We used to hold our scene to a much higher standard.  Now when an underground is thrown, people hang around outside drawing attention to the location, or sit in their car blasting music and acting as a beacon light for the police.  There is no respect for the efforts of the promoter, and the consumer is so entitled now, when they used to be so thirsty and thankful.  There used to be much more effort to keep things a secret, and under the radar.  Now, no one wants to go unless the address has been posted for a week, rather than an hour before the event begins. And God forbid you carpool and park a few blocks away.

Remember when everyone raged their asses off, all night, as if the world was gonna end in the morning?  Now everyone hangs out in the smoking section, or just stands on the dance floor, numb, and scrolling through instagram.  We are more concerned with taking a selfie at the party to show our friends how much fun we are having, rather than actually having fun.  With all these constant distractions and stimuli at our every waking moment, we are starting to get bored, AT A FREAKIN' PARTY NO LESS!

You used to be accepted for who you were and praised for your individualism in the underground.  Now raves are clicky and shallow, and everyone acts and dresses alike.  There used to be a unified hope that we can shake the system and revolt for the greater good, but now all the music brainwashes us to spend spend spend!  Who would have thought the music in our underground scene would begin to have the lyrical equivalent of a kindergarten student's poetry assignment fused with a television commercial for sneakers.

The ruling powers have been trying to crush us since the 80's, and they have finally succeeded.  They do not want intelligent people getting together and thinking critically.  It would cause too many problems with their stranglehold on our lives. They control us with fear every day, but once we unify, and gain confidence, our overwhelming power in numbers would release their bloody death grip.  It's not going to happen though.  We lost.

We used to get together, inspired, with hopes and dreams, sweaty from the whole experience.  Now we need drugs more than ever to stay energized and focused past 4am.  We are so spoiled and desensitized by the whole experience now, that we need insane light shows and stage props to distract us from the fact that the music isn't really all that great.  We used to not only appreciate the process and proper precautions of the promoter, but we would anxiously await each announcement.  Maybe it's a good thing that we are content and have nothing to fight for anymore, or maybe that's what they want you to think.  The things we need to fight for are right in front of us, but we've been blinded by our iPhone screens.

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