Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ghost Producers

So I assume this is true since so many people talk about it, and it sickens me a bit.  It is the notion that many so called "producers" buy finished tracks off of other producers, then pass them off as their own.  At least in hip hop, an MC will buy a beat, then rap over it and show love to the creator by shouting them out somehow.  Even Pop stars mention who produced a song in the liner notes.  How do these fake ass producers keep a straight face in interviews that ask them what they used to create the track, or what inspired them?  I know we all want to be rich and famous, but why would you want to go about it in this sort of shady way?  Producing is not easy, I get it, but there is no reason to build your career on lies a deceit.

Many producers want to make money off their tunes, but are horrible at marketing themselves, so instead of putting out some tracks online that don't bring in a profit, they will sell them to someone who is a bit more known.  They may even get royalties or a bonus if the tune hits high marks, or if the artist goes on a big tour, but that would more than likely just be a homie hookup, since most of the ghost producers have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  In some cases, the ghost producer is too shy to perform live, or just sucks at it, and in this day you need to be able to perform live since that is where most of the money lies.

I'll admit that I am not insanely knowledgeable on this subject, so I'll just end it with a couple paragraphs and an article I found online that talks more about it.

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