Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The high.

Some of these posts are showing the hardships of being a DJ or promoter, and you may ask, "Why the hell do you even bother?"  It is because it is exhilarating when you get it right.  When you just absolutely nail it, you can't get enough.  It's like a roller coaster ride that you just need to get back on once it's over.  It's that long hike up the mountain, to finally see that beautiful view.

I get more of a thrill as a DJ than a promoter, and I always correct people that call me a promoter because I really just feel like a DJ that got lucky with his little event, and became a promoter by default.  I will always be a DJ first, and a promoter second.

The thrill I get when I find an amazing song, then get to share it with others who end up going wild to it, is addictive.  It seems to feed this inner desire to have your soul accepted by others.  Music is my soul (duh).  Without it I would be a miserable waste of life.  I'm also a bit socially retarded, so I feel like being able to play music I like, in a manner I feel fit, is a way for my language to be understood.  My shy tendencies are erased and I feel like my inner self is coming out.  I can be a confusing and difficult person, but when I play, you can see right through me and my heart is on my sleeve.  I tend to hide (or mask if you will), how awkward I really am in normal day to day life, but when I'm behind those decks I have the confidence of a warrior off to battle.

I could play forever, and a 6 hour set would fly by as if I time traveled, or was on DMT or something.  It definitely releases some sort of chemical that I've never felt on synthetic drugs.  I never understood how people could say they are getting tired during a set, or an hour set is too long for them, because that shit is like crack to me and I could run a marathon afterwards.

I've also wondered about the actual act of mixing two songs together.  I think the challenge, and eventual gratitude you get from mixing is similar to the satisfaction you get when you complete a difficult puzzle.  They are both temporary, and that adds an element of excitement as well.  The challenge is even more intensified with DJing because you are on a time limit, and have only a couple minutes to connect the next piece.  It's fucking thrilling! That's why it confuses the shit out of me that some producers just want to pre-record a set in Ableton, then hit play and jump around.  You aren't getting the full experience, and that is probably why you are bored.

It is also in our nature to fuck up a bunch before we get it right.  That goes for everything we humans do in life.  So to just have a program cheat for you ruins the whole experience and satisfaction of success.  Hardships and suffering have made the best art since the dawn of time.  You ever notice how one's drive and creativity may dwindle once they have everything they need, and no longer need to fight for it?  I'm not saying someone like Morrissey should stay a depressing whiny cunt (I actually like the Smiths, so shut the fuck up), but you need to constantly set challenges for yourself to stay motivated.  Anyway, I'm getting a bit off track.

You know what else trips me out?  The amount of people that ask if I just bang chicks like it is going out of style because I'm a DJ.  It is actually not a major priority of mine when I spin and in fact, it is one of the last things on my mind when I'm deep into the music.  Seriously, If I was in the movie SAW, and that creepy puppet fucker said I have a choice between going deaf or losing my dick, then it looks like my dog is gonna have a new chew toy.  Don't get me wrong, women and music go hand in hand, and I love watching the way women move, but when I'm spinning and lost in the music, I barely even notice girls.  I get to blow my load all over the crowd, that's more gratifying.

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  1. "Blow my load all over the crowd"....well put Nebs!