Sunday, April 14, 2013

Picking a DJ name, event name, record label name etc.

First off, everyone on the planet should know what google is by now.  I suggest you use that first, then come back and read the rest of this article.  I mean seriously use google.  Don't just type in the name you think is cool, and look at one result page.  Type in 10 different spellings, and combinations of related words and scan through 5 or 6 pages of each variation, because you are not the first person to come up with a DJ name that is a popular movie hero, or name your party after a popular rap song.

You may want to avoid putting genre names in the title of your name since things may change down the line.  It is especially hard if your website, email or url's are all in that genre title.  Times change, and you may change down the line as well, and won't want to suffer because you weren't careful in the beginning.  If you decide to change your style or expand into different sounds, it may be hard once you've branded yourself as "Breakbeat Charlie".  Think of this name/title as a permanent tattoo.

Your name should be fairly easy to find online through a search engine, but not so simple that it is overshadowed by dozens of other categories.  For example, if your performer name was a simple name like "Butter", it will be a bit harder to locate you online since there are a million search results for such a basic household product.  On the flip side, if the spelling is too crazy, with too many symbols and numbers in place of letters, or anything similar, it will probably be a bit more difficult for people to remember how the hell you spell your name when they try to look you up.

You may also want to look into copyright infringement because once you start making money, or getting popular, you could get sued if someone already copyrighted the name.

There is nothing worse than choosing a name that is already being used, but there are a few things that I feel come close.  I really don't like when people do the following, because it seems really lazy and uncreative to me:

*Unless your name has a really snazzy ring to it, or is very different from the average person's name, I wouldn't just use your birth name.  It works for many people, but I personally just find it a bit boring.*

*Using a plain, average name like Joseph Adams, when that is not your birth name is even weirder than the above.*

*Try not to be too cheesy and use a pseudo clever pun with the spelling of your birth name.  Such as "Just In Time" if your name is Justin.  It is just tacky to me.*

*You are not the first person to just spell your name backwards either.*

*I dislike it when a performer uses a title that suggests they are a group, or duo, when it is really just one person, such as, "The Green People"*

*Try not to make your name a one word spelling that has 30 characters and is impossible for anyone to pronounce.  Everyone will butcher your name, no one will remember how to spell it when looking you up, and your name will be really small on fliers.*

* I hate when hipsters use a verb or statement as their name.  You are a person, which is a noun.  Just because your favorite author, or movie, had a quote you like, doesn't mean your name should be "Running Through The Trees On Sunday" or "Many People Enjoy Sandwiches"*

*Using the year or month you were born in your name, or as your name, is kind of lame to me as well. It is just too easy and bland. The same goes for using the city, state, or country you were born in.*

*Using a spin off name of a popular celebrity or other famous musician, or combining slang words with a proper name to sound like a celebrity is kind of wacky in my opinion too.  Such as "Swagnum P.I." or "Trillary Clinton".  Don't get me wrong, I think some are really creative, but they don't strike me as timeless names that you can carry around for years.  It may be really funny and clever at first, but eventually the joke will wear off.*

*You can use your high school nickname or your mom's pet name if you want, but now is your free pass to create your own nickname you've always wanted.  Take advantage of it "Broski", or should I say "Sugar Cakes".

(These are just my personal feelings, so don't get all butt hurt if this relates to you.)

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