Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A brief introduction.

I decided to start writing about some of the things I've noticed in the DJ/Promoter line of work I'm involved in.  I have been a DJ since 2005, and have been throwing various events since about 2008.  They weren't successful at all in the beginning, but over time I was able to create one of the largest Dubstep weekly events in the country, with the help of my business partner Johnny 5 and the rest of my crew, Irie Cartel.

I have written over 300 blog entries in 4 other blogs, but they never really served much of a purpose, other than to make people laugh and vent some of my frustrations.  I'm hoping to actually shed some light on things I have learned from my work in commercial radio, interning at a major EDM record label, having my own commercial radio program on-air, throwing major events, DJing at least a thousand times in clubs or private events such as weddings and birthdays, learning to manage bands, negotiating with agencies, acting as Music Director at my college radio station, as well as dozens of other duties I have succeeded in, or failed miserably at.

I want to be as honest as possible without directly calling anyone out.  I feel like I was able to learn and grow from my mistakes and why not share what I have learned so others don't make the same mistakes I have.  Granted, most of what I write will be stemmed from personal experience, and others may not have the same results.  Also, many of my entries will be just my opinion on things, and may not be scientific fact.

I hope to inform people about how to be a better DJ, how to negotiate with venues, artists or agencies, as well as putting your ego aside or at the very least, biting your tongue when you need to.  I want to talk about managing your budget, how long you should stick with something when you are losing money, when and how to walk away, or when and how to adjust to the ever changing (and fickle) market.  I want to talk about what I feel makes a great party, from the psychological level to the technical level.  These are just a few topics, but I have a list of dozens.

I have seen and learned many things over the years, and I just want to get it all down before I get hit by a train and my brain is wiped clean.  I will basically just write free hand, about what happens to be on my mind at the time, or what has been stored away and needs to be said now.  I hope to have guest writers too, so they can shed light on what they've experienced as well.  There will be some structure, but each entry will most likely not follow any sort of linear timeline.

I hope no one gets offended.  Enjoy.


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