Saturday, December 15, 2012

Be seen at other parties and make friends.

Go out, have fun, support others and introduce yourself to people.  When you throw your own show, it is hard to connect with people sometimes because you may be busy, or just nervous about various things.  It is good to go out and talk on a more intimate level with your supporters. You will get die hard fans if you connect with them and make them your friend.  You also want to show that you are down with the scene as a whole, and not just your own shit.  Don't hate on what other's are doing, and you get bonus points if you pay to get in.  Try to actually hang out on the dance floor too.  If you are in the smoking section the whole night, or just smoking dabs in the VIP section all night, you aren't really supporting.  Don't be too cool to dance or mingle with others.

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