Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The poster nazi and why I want to kill him.

This asshole goes by many names, but I call him the flier nazi.  I know who he is, what his name is, and where to find him, but I'm not really going to waste my time with him because I'd rather enjoy my life than get arrested on assault charges, but this dude really should get his ass beat more often.  I called him the poster nazi in the title, because essentially what he does is tape up posters on light poles up and down Haight street in San Francisco.  I think he also hits up 11th street where all the clubs are.  I'm sure he hits up many other spots too.  I have no beef with him hustling the territory, and I'm fine with him making his money, but he rips down any posters that are put up, that were not done by himself.

He gets paid to post up, and rip down the competition.  There is no describing the anger you feel after taping up over 100 posters, along 6 or more blocks, both sides of the street, only to see them all gone the next day.  You destroy your fingers ripping the tape, your arms get sore holding the posters up, the wind blows them all over the fucking place, you sweat your balls off and it takes up half your day.  I have been so pissed at times that I have waited for him outside Amoeba Records with my staple gun and would have seriously hurt him if I saw him.

Some people argue that it is not him ripping them down.  They say there is a group of city workers hired to keep the poles clean, so they rip em down, but I don't believe that.  There is a reason he is called the nazi.  It is not just my pet name for him.  It is what he is known as, and I want to rip his face off.

I am personally willing to work hard on promotion myself, and use my own elbow grease to save money on a party, so why should I be forced to pay this fucking dick shit asshole for his services?  I'm not very fond of someone who has created a monopoly on something he does not even own.  I don't know his exact rates, but I hear it's $100 for 100 fliers posted for 1 week.  He has had his ass beat so much, he needed a safe way to make the transaction without being sabotaged.  You leave a manila envelope with the posters at a local liquor store, pay the cashier, and in a couple of days he posts them up.  There is no direct contact with him.

I want to start a revolution against him and get every other promoter to rip down all the posters he puts up.  If the posters don't stay up, people will stop paying him and his reign of terror will end.  Sure he may still rip posters down in spite, but he will be forced to come to an agreement with everyone.  He can still make his money, as long as he doesn't rip down other posters.  There are still plenty of promoters that would love to use his service since they don't have the time, and have the budget for it.

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